Friday, December 18, 2009

Incubated Eggs...

As an update... The two eggs are still moving inside and alive. Whether they hatch or not will depend upon the strength of the babies. Since the eggs were allowed to cool under three different hens before being moved to an incubator, that could have weakened the babies. By my calculations, one egg should hatch by today and the other next week. However, the cooling off periods may have delayed development. I'm still hopeful!

As promised ... here's the high tech egg candling device that's highly successful at determining the viability of an egg. Smile. A high-powered flashlight and a toilet paper roll insert with duct tape over one end. Cut a hole small enough to lay the egg on without allowing it to fall through. Shine flashlight into the open end of the toilet paper roll insert. Did I really need to tell you that? Hold onto the egg so that it doesn't fall off! Probably didn't need to tell you that either.

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