Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If you like pets that fly, you may like this too!

Years ago I was in the gift shop at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Oregon and bought a small book that has always meant a lot to me. I later bought several copies for friends. It is:

The Bat in My Pocket:
A Memorable Friendship
by Amanda Lollar

Unfortunately, it's out of print now. Wish it wasn't, but I did find some copies still available at Amazon. If you love animals, this will make you see bats in a whole new light. This woman rescued a tiny bat off a hot sidewalk without actually touching it. After all, we don't consider bats as safe animals, do we? It changed her life, she ended up with an affectionate pet, and has made bats her interest ever since.

From Amazon:  The Bat in My Pocket: A Memorable Friendship
Visit her site for Bat World:  http://www.batworld.org/found_a_bat/found_a_bat.html

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