Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Because It's Cute

Wanted to share some cute photos. Rosie is the sweetest bird I own. She's not the darkest pink or the prettiest, but her personality is fabulous. She's playful and affectionate and always flies to my finger when I call her. If I reach into her cage, she is on my hand or arm every single time. Rosie loves to be fed treats and usually shares a muffin or bagel with me each morning. I admit to spoiling her, but she's worth it. Others are sweet, but she's the best!  Smile.

The babies are temporarily in a plastic container while I clean their box. These three are being hand fed. Although I think Rosie might like to help!

Flame is also free flying here (for a little while), but his interest in babies isn't as intense as Rosie's.

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