Sunday, June 20, 2010

Source of name "Bourke's Parakeet" or Bourke Parrot

An article on Bourke’s Parakeets written by Graeme Hyde in “Cage and Aviary Birds” dated February 24, 2005 reads: “Major Sir Thomas L. Mitchell, the Scottish surveyor and explorer first sighted the beautiful Australian Bourke’s Parakeet in 1835, along the banks of the Bogan River in New South Wales, south-east of the present-day town of Bourke. He named it after Sir Richard Bourke, who was at that time governor of New South Wales (1831 – 1837).”

I couldn't find a copy of "Cage and Aviary Birds" by Graeme Hyde. However, Amazon does carry the one below by him, and has the interesting survival manual at right.

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