Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Added "Question" to Labels

Each of my posts has labels listed below. If you choose one (a topic) and click on it, you will get all the posts related to that topic. I just added "Question" to the labels. To read the questions and answers from other readers, you can click on it and all of them will be brought up. Be sure to read any comments below each post too. Similarly, if you have questions about sexing your birds, you can choose that link, or any other of interest to you. Thanks!


Chloe said...


I'm not sure where else to ask a question, so I hope here is okay.

I have a female pet cockatiel. She's going on 6 years old, and has not yet demonstrated any wish to lay eggs (although she has not had a mate). I do not wish her to start laying eggs - even though they'd be infertile - as I am worried about egg-binding, and other health issues.

This weekend, I will be bringing home a young male Rosey Bourke's. I've read from your posts that they will feed any female Bourke's or Splendid - sometimes even a less dominant male, and I was wondering if they would try that with a different species, as well (ie. my cockatiel)?

Should I be worried about him triggering her motherly instincts? Also, will he become protective of her, and become aggressive to me?

Thank you for your help,

G. Lewis said...

Chloe, I don't think you need worry about any of these issues. The answer to all is probably, "No." However, I'll elaborate more in my next post. I hope your Rosy Bourke will bring you much joy.