Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trouble with Blog Layouts

After wasting time fussing with broken links in this blog, it turns out that our broken links were caused by the previous layout. Switching layouts to the tan shade with the birds in the upper right corner that I liked was not a good idea. All links to other sites didn't work in Explorer. Oddly, they worked through the Firefox browser, so I blamed the Explorer browser, but when I changed to another layout, they work in both.

This is the third layout (I wasn't able to retrieve the very first one), the links work again! Ta dah! Hope you like this choice. It's still bird-ish ... Smile.

Now that the links are working again, I hope you'll take a look at my husband's novels through Cape Arago Press, or visit his blog: "Sowing the Seeds of Christianity" about its historical past. The books are fascinating, historically accurate novels about First Century Judea. The blog has amazing information. Check them out! Their links are in the left column.

Meanwhile ...

We have four birds on eggs, two Splendid hens and two Bourkes! Here are photos of each of the four. Other Bourke hens are poking around in their nestboxes, so hopefully we'll have more babies before the summer is over. So far, no Splendid eggs have been fertile ... maybe the third time will be the charm for these two. Smile.

God bless you and your love for birds!

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