Saturday, August 21, 2010

Granddaughter with my best Bourke, named Rosie!

     Enjoying my granddaughters for two weeks. Seven-year-old is a bird-lover too and can't get enough of the birds. Twelve-year-old doesn't seem to care ... smile.

     Birds in the upper cage are tame youngsters who come out to fly around and visit with us. All other cages only house one pair each. We avoid over-crowding ... honest. 

     Rosie & Flame are two hand fed, tame Bourkes hatched last January. They're my favorites and will remain here as pets. 

     Birds in the upper cage are expected to move on to other homes.  Currently, we have five Bourke hens either investigating a nest box, or already sitting on eggs. All had clutches earlier in the year, then took a three-month rest (nest boxes were removed to stop them from laying). Boxes are now reattached for another attempt at raising additional babies this year.

     I love our sweet Bourkes!

A neighbor's horses compete for attention with the birds.

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