Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Bourke Parakeet Banding

Example of supplies to have ready.
Supplies Needed: Mineral oil, a plastic lid or other small container to hold a few drops, a toothpick, a paper towel and the band(s).

Cherry with her baby before banding.

This baby is about the right size for banding. Any smaller and the band will come off. Mother birds sometimes try to remove them. At nine days old, his feet are just the right size.

Bands should be slid over the three longest toes first. You will probably have to grab them on the other side of the band and push it back toward the "knee" joint. Mineral oil on the band helps this process. Some people use petroleum jelly, but I like mineral oil.  Still holding the band back on the leg, the last toe to go on is the smallest, inside toe. It's necessary to use a toothpick to pull it outside the band.

If you don't need a toothpick to get the small inside toe out of the band, the bird will probably lose the band in a day or two and you'll have to repeat the process when his foot is a little larger.

Baby is now safely home with his mom.

Happy Banding!

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