Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Splendid Bourke Bird Blog versus Sowing the Seeds of Christianity Blog

(Don't miss the hummingbird video at the end).

This blog is about six months older than my husband's blog and for a long time I had more readership than he did. Now, he's passed me by. For the month of November this blog had 1,735 views and his had 2,644! That's only 909 more than me... :-)  Sowing the Seeds

Yet, I suppose there are a lot more people in the world interested in Christian history than there are those of us who love birds. Me, I'm interested in both! Smile.

My husband is diligent about blogging three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Diligent is not a word I'd use in relation to my blogging...

I've reposted two of my husband's bird related blogs here, one on Ancient Aviculture and one on the History of Pet Birds. I suggested them to him!

Currently he's chosen a theme for December, "All Things Christmas." You might want to have a look. He's an excellent 1st century scholar, writer and novelist. A link in the left column via the cover of  "Witness" (for Witness & Disciple videos click here) will direct you to more information about his fictional, but accurate portrayal of first century life in Judea. The characters should touch your heart. I think his second novel, "Disciple" in "The Seeds of Christianity(TM) Series" is even better. The third, "Apostle" is expected in February, 2011. Can you guess the title of the fourth book? Perhaps I shouldn't tell, but's "Martyr," however, which characters and how will be a surprise.

Along with my blogging, and my own attempts at having a novel published, I get to enjoy doing the first edits of his novels. They're also available as e-books.

On another note, if you read my earlier post about our snow, it melted within a couple of days. It's actually warm here on the South Coast of Oregon the high 50's (Fahrenheit, not Celsius). Still lots of hummingbirds visiting our feeders, but haven't seen our local hawk for several days.

The video below, although of Alaska, is a wonderful film of hummers like those we see every Spring and Summer. The little Rufus hummingbirds really are as aggressive as in this video. We've been able to have them eat from our hands too. It's a wonderful experience. I use a red lid, but NO food color. Boil four parts water to one part sugar and allow to cool. I make four cups of water and one cup of sugar to fill three feeders one or more times a week. In hot weather, it needs to be replaced often or it can ferment. In winter, it lasts longer.

Peace & Blessings!

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