Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ask Questions...

As I read the key search words that bring visitors to this site, there are a lot of questions. Many I've answered in previous posts, but sometimes the search questions are unique. Even if they are not, it can be daunting to find answers buried in multiple posts. That's why label topics at the end of each post are helpful. They will sort through related articles for you.  

Rosy Bourke hen briefly left nest. The first of four eggs has hatched.
Don't hesitate to contact me with a question. For instance, someone searched on Google: "How long for Bourke parakeet eggs to hatch?"  They found this site, and I hope they located the answer in several of my earlier posts.

For the record, the answer is: typically 18 to 21 days and they usually hatch every other day. Ambient temperature has an effect too. Warm weather tends to encourage eggs to hatch sooner. Cold weather may delay hatching. Also, as noted in an earlier article, hens don't have to start brooding their eggs immediately. Count 18 to 21 days from the day they actually begin sitting on their eggs. Remember to keep a cup or bowl of water available for her to splash in, as eggs may need moisture, especially in dry climates.

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Kim Dickey said...

It's been a long time since I talked to you but I still have my bourkes and they are great! I have been through some tough times trying to keep them healthy as they had some issues with malnutrition and temperature control. I have used lots of info from your site but there are 2 specific things I am looking for. 1)What is the temperature that is best to keep them in (my vet said 70-80 but that's a big range and they seem to like closer to 80) 2)What is a good humidity level for them? In the dryer air of fall I'm struggling keeping them at 35-40%.
Thanks for all your help and this wonderful blog!

G. A. Lewis said...

Hello Kim,
Unless eggs are in an incubator, the mother hen handles the humidity. The birds require water to bathe in. She will bathe and take whatever is needed into the nest on her feathers.

Your vet is correct about temperature. When the power goes out, mine have been exposed to temps as low as 63 degrees Farenheit without any problem. However, there were no drafts!

Typically, our house is around 70-72 degrees F. most of the time in winter and summer. We get a few days in summer when it can go into the 80's. That doesn't hurt the birds, but they get fresh, cold water every day and sometimes more often on hot days.