Monday, July 25, 2011


I tried to release the little hummer hen this morning. Days ago she couldn't fly at all. Now she hovers in the cage pretty well.

Took her to the hummingbird feeder on our west deck and placed her on it. She flew across the deck about 20 feet, awkwardly bumped into the deck handrail before making it over the top. She glided down to the grass below, then lifted off and flew about 12 feet landing in tall grass at the edge of the mowed area. Any farther and she'd have been over an embankment and in forest where I couldn't rescue her.  

Another hummer followed her in her flight off the deck.  A mate, maybe? It hovered over her, while in the tall grass she struggled to fly, but couldn't get airborne again. Sad. I went down the steps and retrieved her. Back in her cage, I put her down in front of the bowl of sugar water and she drank and drank. I think she was saying, "Wow, that was a workout!"

She must need more recovery time. I sincerely hope she regains her ability to fly adequately again. She's much better than she was, but apparently not good enough to survive on her own yet.

May all your bird encounters be happy ones! 


FlyingCircus said...

Sounds like she has made progress, but needs more time. Bless you for helping this precious gem, and taking good care of her.

Anonymous said...

You are aware (I hope) that hummingbirds cannot live long on just sugar water? Their natural diets includes small insects. Zoos do not maintain hhummingbirds on sugar water - they get special complex diets - call a wildlife rehab place if you need more info.