Saturday, August 20, 2011

Newly Banded Baby Bourke

Fingers are shiny from mineral oil used to make bands slide on easier.
All of Flame and Fuchsia's five babies now have bands. Their smallest baby is the one with pink eyes, and he/she is the last one to be banded. All have EGL, OR, 11 bands (Our initials, Oregon and 2011). This one is band #12. We also added the bi-colored blue and red bands on an opposite leg to identify parentage when they're grown.

Notice how full the crop is. Their parents are gorging all five of them so far. None are being left out. Smile.

Silver band with information is visible on right leg. Colored band is on left leg.
First band went on easily, but he fussed and wiggled for the 2nd, as if to say,
"Enough of this! Let me go home now."
Peace & Blessings.

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