Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rosy Bourke Babies Today

Presently feeding four young Rosy Bourkes. 

Two of Flame and Fuchsia's five babies. These are
the youngest two and are being hand fed.
Nice photo to compare eye colors, one dark, one pink.

With five babies in the nest, I worried about Flame and Fuchsia being over worked. So, taking two of their youngsters seems kind.

Also, Rhett and Cherry are older birds with four in their second clutch. I removed two of theirs to also feed. Once they're a little older, I will probably take their other two as well.

All of these birds will be very tame.

Bird's eye view of the four currently being hand fed.
Notice how pretty the pink-eyed baby from Flame and Fuchsia is becoming. His/her feathers are very deep rose-colored like Flame's, yet has striking pink eyes.

Rhett & Cherry's two oldest of four babies.
These are being hand fed. Others will be later.
The pink-eyed youngster from Rhett and Cherry is still too small to tell what his/her feathers will be like. Picture of two in nestbox are siblings of the two above.
Rhett & Cherry's two youngest.

The pink-eyed young one from Rosie and Pretty Boy is a delicate pale pink with a white face. Lovely.
Rosie and Pretty Boy's pink-eyed baby on left.
She (or he?) is such a delicate, lovely pink with a white face.
Rosie currently is on her second clutch of three eggs. We hope for another delicate pink baby.

Bonnie & Clyde's baby, "Sir Gray Head," is in photo below. Smile.
Little "Gray" out of Clyde, center, and Bonnie at right.

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