Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Young Rosy Bourkes, 2011

Two 2011 youngsters.
Baby in front is from Flame & Fuchsia's first clutch. Pale, pink-eyed bird in back is from Rosie & Pretty Boy's first clutch.
Another view of Rosie's pale baby
from her first clutch.

Currently, Rosie is raising three more in her second clutch. One has pink eyes.

Fuchsia laid five eggs and two have hatched so far. The first has dark eyes. Haven't seen the second one yet, but an egg shell tells me the second in the clutch has hatched. Last time, in her very first clutch, all five survived and are thriving. Only one has pink eyes.

Bird on right is from Bonnie and Clyde. I've dubbed him,
"Sir Grayhead." Notice how the gray feathers go down into
his chest. They circle his head and back too. I've never had
one that looked like this. His father is a very deep rose and
some of his sons have also been (Pretty Boy, for one).
I think this bird is rather unusual and unique.
Aging Rhett and Cherry raised two clutches this year. They wanted a third, but I removed their nestbox. Also removed Bonnie and Clyde's nest box after one clutch. Both pairs would like to continue. However, we now have over 20 baby birds and will need to find buyers for most of them. So much for down-sizing. Smile.

All six who are hand fed are adorable. The two white-faced, pink-eyed babies have paired off and stay together all the time. They are not from the same clutch. One is out of Rhett and Cherry, the other from Flame and Fuchsia. I'm very tempted to allow them to be a pair, since they seem to want to be. However, they are closely related. One is an aunt (or uncle?) of the other.

My favorite hand fed babies from this year, 2011, above. These are a darker pink than Rosie's offspring. I'm tempted to keep these two who seem so fond of each other. Any name suggestions? I'm thinking about Primrose. We sold Rosebud, so we could use that pretty name again for one of these. Any thoughts?

Peace & Blessings!


Alice said...

I always found Tulip, Nerine and Camillia pretty names. Those birds are very pretty.

G. A. Lewis said...

Thank you!