Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bird Sales Update and Announcing an Upcoming Post on Avian Genetics

A young Rosy Bourke hen. Notice her dark face.
This is a common means of sexing, although not
conclusive. Her blue rump might indicate that
 she carries a gene for Normal and is homozygous,
 meaning she could possibly throw Normal males.

Sold four young Bourkes yesterday. Down from a high of 35 to 23 today.

Going to miss the hand fed pair though ... they are so sweet. Yet, when downsizing, sacrifices have to be made. And, these were 2011 babies.
Still have my older favorites.

The male was out of Flame and Fuchsia and the hen from Rhett and Cherry. Both were so affectionate ... that's what I'll miss most about them.

Someone has promised to buy two one-year old males and another person a hand fed male from this past summer. Hope those sales actually happen. Occasionally people back out before they've seen the birds. When shown, they sell themselves.

A Rosy Bourke male at left.
He doesn't have the dark face.
 He's the dad of the other three birds in the
photo who are not yet weaned. He looks
a bit tired from working so hard, doesn't he?
(Someone took a bath and splashed water on
the bars, hence the white spots on them).

Now for the update! 
If you've read comments from neversink7 on this website, you may recognize that this contributor is very knowledgeable about avian genetics. I've asked them to do a "guest post" and they agreed to. Why reinvent the wheel when someone else already does it better?

So, keep watching for Avian Genetics. As soon as it reaches me, I'll put it up.

Another post I expect to do soon will consist of photos of albino birds ... an interest of mine. So keep checking back, or sign up as a "follower" to be notified when a new post goes up.

Peace & Blessings.

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