Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Song in the House - Gouldian Finches

Our new Lady Gouldian finches.
Young and not fully colored yet.
We visited another bird breeder yesterday, and spent over 8 hours in the car, so we are tired today.

However, it was a beautiful drive and we got to visit relatives on the trip too.

This breeder keeps a variety of birds and she bought three pairs of Rosy Bourkes from us. We also traded a fourth pair of Bourkes for a pair of her Lady Gouldian finches.

I've raised many varieties of finches, but never owned Gouldians before. So, these sweet, little birds and their gentle tweet, tweet, tweets are filling my house with a new bird song. Gentle, quiet and lyrical.

A mature male Gouldian, possibly the father of one of them.

These two youngsters seem very self-confident and unafraid. They are also constantly on the move. Very different from my more sedate Bourkes.

Young male Gouldian.
Young Gouldian. A hen, we hope.

I took many photos of her aviaries, both indoors and out. An upcoming post will have them, and we'll discuss aviaries and cages.

Peace & Blessings.


neversink7 said...

the second gould does look like a hen since her belly is a much lighter yellow compared to the male. they are a great species.

G. A. Lewis said...

Thank you, neversink7. Would you be kind enough to share your email address with me (not via this website, but sent to my email: I have Gouldian questions, smile. I can't reply back to you personally via Blogger. Thanks much!