Monday, February 13, 2012

2011 Bourkes Sold

Young Rosy Bourkes hatched in late 2011.

The last of our 2011 Bourkes for sale have been sold. Some went to Salem, Oregon and some to Corvallis, Oregon.

Fuchsia at left and Flame above as they watch me
hand feed their last two offspring.
Even the two from Flame and Fuchsia being hand fed are gone and their hand feeding will be finished by someone else. Their leaving is both a relief and a regret ... love the little ones.

Flame, the father of these two in upper left, loves Exact
Hand Feeding Formula. He was hand fed himself and is
crazy about the stuff, begging to get some whenever
baby birds are being hand fed. He's quite the mooch,
although a good father and a very sweet, loveable bird.
Still have four adult pairs and two young pairs hatched in 2011. I've kept them because of their unique coloring and will put them together to see what we get when they're old enough. 

"Freckles" has white feathers scattered
throughout his pink ones. His face is
white and his eyes are pink.
He's a younger brother of "Angel." 
"Angel" is pale pink with a white face and pink eyes.
She will be paired with another white-faced, pink-eyed
male from 2011. Both are opaline fallows and unique.

Peace & Blessings.

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Allison said...

Your "Freckles" looks very much like our female "Agnes". I never thought too much about her coloration, just that she was a little unusual. Your birds are beautiful!