Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Handicapped Pipsqueak, but very tame

After two years of hand feeding a little hen who cannot feed herself, Pipsqueak is going to a new home.
Most birds would be very upset by this, but not
Pipsqueak ... sometimes called "Pippers."

She's very sedate and allows almost any handling.
Naturally, the water is warm and comfortable.

Whatever genetic abnormality makes it impossible for her to hull and eat seeds, requires Pipsqueak to be hand fed two or three times a day for her entire life. Another bird lover with time on her hands is taking over responsibility for this sweet little bird.

As you can see from these photos she is very trusting. She flies well, but still allows me to blow dry her feathers after a complete bath. She doesn't bathe herself and occasionally needs a cleaning in warm water and a blow dry on warm/medium setting. She actually enjoys the warm air on her feathers.

Pipsqueak, who "pips" and "squeaks" to be fed, wasn't doing well in the nest, so I took her out to hand feed. There was a reason she wasn't growing as well as her siblings, and perhaps I should have left her in there to die a natural death. But, I didn't and here she is today. Do you put a bird like this down? Many would, but she was so sweet that I couldn't.

Don't expect your birds to like blow dryers. She's very unusual in this respect and nothing seems to frighten her. 

She even spreads her tail to encourage warm air through it.
Moving her around to get everything dry and she's very cooperative.
It's impossible not to love her, even though she's been a
time sink for two years. She will share her love with someone else now.

Happy St. Valentine's Day.

May you be patient and loving with your birds.
May they bring you love and comfort.
Peace and Blessings!

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Michelle McKenzie said...

I hope little Pipsqueak loves her new home. That has to be bitter-sweet: a relief to not have the responsibility anymore but sad since you spent so much close time with her.