Friday, March 30, 2012

Lady Gouldian Finch Update

As of today, our single pair of Lady Gouldian finches have seven eggs. She is spending more time on the nest now. Both continue to add more and more torn paper to the box.
Took a quick snapshot of Duchess on her nest.
She's only been with us a few months and this is her
first clutch. I'm more careful with her than with the Bourkes
who are very familiar with my nosy peeks into their nests.
Duke is sitting on a perch outside the opening to the nest box. 

I bought Spanish Moss from a florist and dried it thoroughly in the microwave. They seem to like it, but haven't quit tearing up the newspaper on the floor of their cage...even after I gave them handfuls of paper from our paper shredder. Along with all the Spanish moss, all the shredded paper found its way into their nest box too. It's getting crowded in there, but the eggs seem to be sitting nicely in their round "bowl shaped" area.

It's interesting to me that she chose to brood right in front of the nest box opening and not farther back into the box. The top of the box is hinged and lifts up.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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