Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lady Gouldian Finch Babies

Snapped a hurried photo of the new Lady Gouldian babies. There are five baby birds showing here. It's possible one or two might be under dad, as there were seven eggs. I'm reluctant to disturb them, so only took one quick picture.

If you double click this photo, it should enlarge. When the picture is
bigger you can see the spots around the baby birds' mouths.
The parent birds shouldn't be able to miss them!

A Gouldian breeder suggested that perhaps the move from a breeder to our house stopped their molt and that their colors may come in with the "next" molt. I hope so. Neither parent has the typical cheek patches normally seen on adult Gouldian finches. They do have black spots which indicates they will be black, not red as on some Gouldians.

Notice the bright red at the end of the male's beak. I've read that "his" beak turns red when ready to breed. A hen's turns black and hers is.

It's fun to be raising something new and different than I've ever had before. Exciting really.

The Bourkes are eager to begin breeding too, but they raised so many youngsters last year that I'm making them wait a while.

Peace & Blessings!

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