Thursday, May 17, 2012

2nd Clutches, Contrasting Gouldians and Parakeets

Others have commented on their Lady Gouldian Finches returning to the nest very quickly, some even before the current clutch has left.

Three Lady Gouldian eggs so far.
We expect six.
Our hen is still faithfully feeding her five babies who recently left their nest box, and at the same time she has started a new clutch. She's laid an egg a day with three so far.

My Bourkes go back for another clutch fairly quickly, (sooner than Splendids) but they wait until after their youngsters have been fully weaned. They get a short respite in between clutches, and I get a chance to clean their nest boxes so they can start out fresh.

This Gouldian pair have moved their clutch site to the back of the box. Their first clutch was at the front, and they have a new spot that they hollowed out for her eggs. I would have liked to clean the box in between clutches, but it was not to be. However, the new babies will be in a clean area until they soil it themselves. Very hygienic of the parents. Smile.

Gouldian hen at far left.

Our Lady Gouldian Finch family.

This dedicated Lady Gouldian hen is getting lots of egg food. While she feeds the babies from her first clutch, the father sits back and watches. The babies don't even ask him to feed them any longer, the lazy fellow. He's young, so I'm hopeful he will give her more help as the pair matures.

Rosy Bourke hen on eggs. They don't "build" a nest like
finches do. This box has an inch of pine shavings in the bottom.

Typically Bourke males make better fathers when they are over two years old, and get better and better each year. That makes me hopeful for the Gouldians too.

Okay, this isn't a bird photo, but I couldn't resist.
Max is a miniature mule who belongs to a neighbor.
We're babysitting him for a few days. Fun!

Peace & Blessings.

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