Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lady Gouldian Finches at Eleven Days Old

Duke, shown above, is the father of these six Lady Gouldian babies. They're eleven days old today. Duchess laid seven eggs and six hatched. Remaining egg is in the center. All babies are doing well and I see no reason to remove the egg.

This is the same nest box where this pair raised five babies not long ago. She was back laying eggs before I was able to clean the box. They moved their second clutch to the other side of the box and covered up the old area with more paper. It's actually very clean.

They seem to be used to me lifting the box lid to look in. I worried at first that they might fly out, but they've never tried to. To give them maximum space inside the cage, the nest box is mounted outside the cage with an opening cut through the bars, giving access to the nest box hole. The lid above is hinged.

Rosy Bourke parakeet eggs are due to hatch next week. Getting excited to see if we get more opaline fallows.

Peace & Blessings.

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