Friday, June 22, 2012

Rosy Bourke Babies Still Hatching

Our three mature hens are all hatching their eggs. Hens from 2011 aren't doing anything yet. Not sure if we have any pink-eyed offspring in any of the three clutches. Will need to have a closer look in a few days after all 14 eggs have hopefully hatched.

Elderly Cherry on three babies with two eggs still to hatch.
Although it looks like an egg at left, it's the top of a shell.
Babies are little fuzzies sticking out from under her.
Photo taken today, June 22, 2012.

Newly hatched chick at top.
This photo taken two days ago of
Cherry's 2nd baby in brief moment
when she left the nest.

Moving Rosie aside to see what she
has hidden under her. Got tired of waiting.
 Two of four eggs have hatched.
Photo taken today.

Fuchsia with three babies and two eggs. Her box
doesn't stay as clean as the other hens'.

Rosie covering two babies and two eggs. She went right
back to this position after I had moved her aside to see under her.
She's a hand fed hen, and very tame.

By the way, the extra perches apparent in these nest boxes are not necessary. We made the boxes years ago before we were really familiar with Bourkes and Splendids. Male Bourkes don't typically perch inside a nest box with a hen at night like some other varieties of birds do.

Peace & Blessings


Zookeeper said...

I love Bourkes! They are so beautiful. Are they able to talk like other kinds of parakeet?

G. A. Lewis said...

When I got my first Bourke I was so proud to have taught him to wolf whistle. Not. They do it naturally...all male Bourkes wolf whistle and have a natural "come hither" whistle.

I've been told they don't learn to talk, and I've never tried to get one to repeat anything since that wolf whistle incident. However, I notice that my favorite bird gives me back "kiss, kiss" sounds when I make them to him. So, he is trying to repeat.

Maybe if you work hard enough and long enough, they might learn a few words. They aren't going to mimic as well as a budgie or a cockatiel. But, their sweet songs, gentle disposition and quiet natures make them preferable in my opinion. Smile.