Sunday, September 30, 2012

Northwest Bird Rescue Sites

I've written about rescuing an injured hummingbird and feeding it for several weeks until it recovered. Rehabilitating a wild bird is very rewarding. There's always a need for more volunteers willing and able to do this. A few more bird rehab centers would be advantageous too.

Hummingbird at right had an injured wing after being rescued
from a cat. She made a full recovery after a few weeks in a
cage, surviving on fresh fuchsia flowers daily and sugar water
(boil  together four parts water to one part sugar and let cool).
We still recognize her when she comes to our feeders.

Cyrano, old man of the sea. A resident
pelican at Free Flight in Bandon, OR.
This is from their photo gallery.

Free Flight is a bird and marine mammal rehabilitation center located in Bandon, Oregon on the south coast. A link to their website is given below.

I recently learned of another rescue facility in Oregon. It is Cascade Raptor Center in Eugene, Oregon. Here is their website:

I haven't gone there yet, but hope to. If you use your internet search engine, you may find some in your area too. They are wonderful places to visit and support.

This Red-tailed Hawk photo is taken from the
Cascade Raptor Center website.

Peace and Blessings!

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