Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beak Trimming, Canaries with Bourkes, Current Baby Bourkes and More

I've posted about trimming Rhett's beak before, but thought I'd add another note about it. This elderly Bourke of mine had a beak that gets "long in the tooth" over and over again because of his age.  It grows very fast and is hidden among his throat feathers. I have to keep an eye on him. Saw him yawn last night and thought, "Oh, my gosh. He's going to stab  himself in the throat!"

It's difficult to see it, but his beak shows up as a long dark
line that leaves his normal beak and bends toward his throat.
It's in the photo if you study it.

He isn't hand tame, but he's gotten used to this procedure.
I think he really appreciates it. One quick snip and it's
back to a reasonable length again.

The offending "dagger" on the counter.
Rosie and Pretty Boy's third and last clutch for the year. In
four days these will be three weeks old and at the best
age for hand feeding.
Proof that Bourke Parakeets and Canaries can be friends.
(Photo by Pamela May)


Bandit and Peaches. Both tame.
(Photo by Pamela May) 

Peace and Blessings.

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