Monday, June 17, 2013

Lineolated Parakeets, Now There Are Three

The photos below are of our first Lineolated Parakeet. We call him Mr. Blue. 
Mr. Blue is a cobalt blue Linnie that was hand fed. His wings were clipped before we got him, but they will grow back. Unfortunately, he lived around Lovebirds and can be loud like they are. We're working on that! Linnie's are supposed to be quiet, sweet birds. Lineolated parakeets are wonderful mimics and he copied what he heard.

The black stripes and spots on a Linnie's back, tail and wings are what led to their being named Lineolated, which means marked with fine lines.
Our beautiful cobalt blue, hand fed Lineolated Parakeet, Mr. Blue, has new friends and now he's less noisy.They are quiet and hopefully he will copy them...not the other way around! This mated pair appear more green in the photo below than they actually are. They are a turquoise pair, one slightly bluer than the other. Acquired only last Saturday, the pair crowd as close to Mr. Blue as they can get. Their cages are side by side.

It's my hope to get a mate for Mr. Blue from this pair. I won't put up a nest box for them right away. Want them to become accustomed to us and their new home. So, a mate will probably be a year or so younger than our cobalt blue Linnie as he was hatched last November. Based on past results, I hope to get a lutino Linnie for Mr. Blue to pair up with.
Mr. Blue on Sweetheart's cage, my red-eyed bachelor
Rosy Bourke who is also waiting for a Lutino hen...
a Lutino Bourke, however.

Lineolated parakeets are so different from Bourkes. Guess that's not surprising since they come from South America and not Australia. They act very much like a miniature parrot and not much like a parakeet. They hang upside down, can hold food up to eat it from their feet, walk one foot over the other, and are simply shaped differently...longer bodies, shorter tails and more hunched forward. All in all I expect to really enjoy these Linnies. Mr. Blue is quite a clown and fun to watch play with toys and get down on the floor and walk to me. When his wing feathers grow back, I hope he will fly to me like my tame Bourkes do.

Peace and Blessings.

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