Monday, July 29, 2013

Bourke Parakeet Breeding Update, Including Visiting Horses

Below are the six Rosy Bourke babies produced in second clutches from Flame and Fuchsia and from Rosie and Pretty Boy. Elderly Rhett and Cherry hatched only one egg in their second clutch and that red-eyed baby only lived ten days.
Second clutch of 2013 Rosy Bourke parakeets.
These are parent fed, four from Flame and Fuchsia
and two from Rosie and Pretty Boy. Both sets of
 parents had a baby with red eyes this time.

Recently sold hand fed, tame Rosy Bourke parakeets.
Male on right is Songster. Female is Peaches.
Both went to new California homes last week.

Peaches on left is a hen. Songster on right is male.

Neighbor's horses escaped and paid us a visit yesterday. Took these photos of them grazing in front of our home. We have plenty of room for them to roam and they enjoyed running circles around the house.



They're very friendly and asked for treats, but I didn't give them any. Breaking out of their own fenced area is not to be encouraged. However, I enjoy having them visit once in a while...just don't enjoy the packages they leave.
 Blessings to you and all your pets,
and blessings to those that belong to your neighbors too!

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