Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finch Film and a Cobalt Blue Linnie

Ten-year-old granddaughter
with Mr. Blue, a cobalt blue
Linneolated parakeet.
It has been a busy summer, so I've blogged less often. Also, still trying to finish my novel, "Cast Me Not Away," for publication. The edits go slowly...

Another photo of her with Mr. Blue.

Our "Sheik" Skoshi, a Peke and Shih-Tzu mix at 5 months.
Skoshi has plenty of toys, but loves this cast-off slipper.

Our two oldest granddaughters spent a week with us last week. Enjoyed sharing the baby Bourkes with them.

Their visit went by too quickly.

Ages 15 and ten with Skoshi, on their way home.
He came back with us and misses their attention.

Below is a link to a Video of our finches via You Tube. All their youngsters from last year completed their molts and are beautiful. I had to separate this pair to prevent them from continuing to mate and lay eggs. During that time the hen molted, and the cock partially did so, but stopped. He has more color than he did last year, but still isn't fully colored out...notice the splotches on his face that still remain.
They were separated for eight months and I took pity on them and let them be together again even though he still hasn't finished a complete molt. Maybe in another year. Smile.
Peace and Blessings.

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