Monday, August 31, 2015

Bourke Parakeet, Red-Eyed Opaline Fallow Hen on Eggs

Peaches on five eggs, first is due to hatch Labor Day.
Here is the only hen we still have producing. All others had their three clutches for the year. This will be Peaches' first clutch ever. She's two years old, but her mate, Stormy, was only hatched last January. He is feeding her regularly and even going into the box with her already. Most of my male Bourkes wait until the babies are two or more weeks old before they venture into the nest box with their mates and offspring.
Because of Stormy's youth, we will watch closely any babies that hatch. There is also the possibility that the eggs won't be fertile, but we witnessed several matings that looked successful to us. We are optimistic. So far, an opportunity to candle the eggs has not occurred. Since it's her first clutch, I'm leaving her alone more than I might otherwise.
We will let you know the outcome in a week or two.

As you can see, she changes position while on eggs.

Peaches' mate, a Normal Bourke we named Storm.
His father is a Lutino, so we hope to get interesting babies.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bourke Parakeet Baby Update

The last clutches of baby Bourkes from this summer have all gone to their new homes ... all 14 of them. Earlier clutches from these two and others were sold and gone before these babies arrived.

Rosie and Pretty Boy's 3rd Clutch of 2015

The same clutch from above, now out of the nest
and ready to sell to other bird lovers.

These four are from Fuchsia and Flame's 3rd Clutch.

Here are Fuchsia and Flame's four, all out of the nest
 and able to go to new homes. Miss them already.
One little lady, Peaches, is two years old and on her first clutch ever. She is a pretty Pink Opaline Fallow, red-eyed hen. Her mate, Stormy, is a Normal whose father was a Lutino (yellow and pink). If her eggs are fertile and hatch, it will be interesting to see what they look like.
I bought Stormy a few months ago and he only hatched last January. He's very young to be a father. If their mating was successful and the eggs hatch, I will watch very closely to be sure all the babies are adequately fed. Sometimes young fathers aren't very good at it ... yet, he's feeding his mate and that's a good sign. If necessary, I'll help with feeding the new hatchlings.

Will keep you updated on this late-in-the-year clutch.

May all your birds thrive.
Peace and Blessings.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Novel, CAST ME NOT AWAY, is Now Available

Link to Amazon:  CAST ME NOT AWAY

Historic Facts: In 1939 a secret program, Aktion T4, was instigated by the Nazi’s designed to rid Germany of all children deemed unworthy of life. Later, it expanded to include mentally or physically handicapped adults. It is estimated that over 275,000 died under this edict and it set the stage for the extermination of millions of Jews, gypsies, Catholics and other enemies of the state.

Through it, the Nazi’s determined that death by gas chamber was more efficient and less costly than lethal injection. Hitler’s Nazi Party was horrible and cruel to millions ...

but let us not forget that it first began with the children ...

SYNOPSIS of CAST ME NOT AWAY:  Fast forward to a time and place where the future meets the past, and the abortion/euthanasia movement reaches its inevitable conclusion. Family size is strictly regulated everywhere, not just in China. The unborn are routinely aborted and unwanted children are labeled as useless, and sent away to be gassed and their bodies incinerated.

In this time of darkness, Mira Hastings and Grayson Stevens join a cadre of other brave individuals who stand against this mountain of evil by putting their lives on the line to rescue ill-fated children from certain death. In a bold attempt to bring down the beast, they publicly expose the greed and corruption that drives the system. Declared enemies of the state, Mira and Gray are forced underground as they flee the wrath of a vengeful government. On the run they encounter danger at every turn. But, with the aid of a network of supporters, they also encounter hope, joy…and love.
God Bless our Children. There, but for the Grace of God, go we.
Peace & Blessings,