Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bourke Parakeet Baby Update

The last clutches of baby Bourkes from this summer have all gone to their new homes ... all 14 of them. Earlier clutches from these two and others were sold and gone before these babies arrived.

Rosie and Pretty Boy's 3rd Clutch of 2015

The same clutch from above, now out of the nest
and ready to sell to other bird lovers.

These four are from Fuchsia and Flame's 3rd Clutch.

Here are Fuchsia and Flame's four, all out of the nest
 and able to go to new homes. Miss them already.
One little lady, Peaches, is two years old and on her first clutch ever. She is a pretty Pink Opaline Fallow, red-eyed hen. Her mate, Stormy, is a Normal whose father was a Lutino (yellow and pink). If her eggs are fertile and hatch, it will be interesting to see what they look like.
I bought Stormy a few months ago and he only hatched last January. He's very young to be a father. If their mating was successful and the eggs hatch, I will watch very closely to be sure all the babies are adequately fed. Sometimes young fathers aren't very good at it ... yet, he's feeding his mate and that's a good sign. If necessary, I'll help with feeding the new hatchlings.

Will keep you updated on this late-in-the-year clutch.

May all your birds thrive.
Peace and Blessings.

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