Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bourke Babies for Sale. Many Varieties and Probable "Splits"

We prefer to only have one pair of Bourkes per cage,
however, babies temporarily change that.
Young Peaches and Storm produced two clutches the end of 2015 before we removed their nest box. They were late in the season because of their youth. Not old enough in the Spring, by Fall they wanted to breed so we let them.

In their first clutch she laid five eggs, and raised four very different babies. The second clutch held six eggs. Five hatched and they raised all five. Rosie Bird on You Tube has several video's of these babies. A link is given at the end of this post for the latest one.

A Lutino and a Rosy on perch in back.
Rubino on floor with Normal on front perch at right.
There are six babies remaining that are currently for sale.We don't ship our birds. Pick up needs to be somewhere between Reedsport, Oregon (north of us) or Coquille or Bandon, Oregon (south of us). We are located in North Bend, near Coos Bay on the South Coast of Oregon, by the Pacific Ocean. We're NOT near Bend, Oregon, which is in Eastern Oregon. People often get confused between North Bend (named because it's at the north bend of Coos Bay) and with Bend, Oregon ... two very different places.

Storm is a Normal Bourke, split to Lutino since his father is a Lutino. His mother is a Rosy. Peaches' parents are both Rosy Bourkes with dark eyes, and they seem to throw one or two Opaline Fallow babies with red eyes in every clutch. Peaches is a light pink, Opaline Fallow with red eyes and some yellow feathers on her wings. So far in two clutches they've had four Rosies, two Normals, two Lutino's and one Rubino. These offspring could be split to Lutino as their father is.

Lutino in front has a bright yellow back.
Rubino is behind her. They're siblings.

Very young Lutino, Rosy and Rubino, all siblings.

Very young Rubino Bourke hen. Rubino's have red eyes
and are rose colored with no black edging anywhere.

These Lovelies are for sale.

If you are able to travel to our beautiful coast, we can describe fascinating places to visit, such as world famous Shore Acres State Park, for instance. Many nice places to stay in Coos Bay or North Bend as well. Many hotels or motels, plus our favorite Bed & Breakfast:

Write to with questions, or for more information.

Here is the link we promised to our video on You Tube of four baby Bourkes currently for sale as of February 20, 2016.  Or view below:


Peace & Blessings!