Friday, January 8, 2010

Four in a Row

Our Fabulous Four are being split up today. Three are being sold. One stays. I can’t part with all of them. The three who are leaving will be missed.

Each has a distinct personality all their own. Number one is outgoing and adventurous, as well as sweet and loving, and I think he’s the prettiest of the bunch. Number two is timid and stand-offish, although she likes being catered to. There is no number three because the band was lost, so number four is next. She’s a lighter pink than the others and the first to jump on my hand at every chance she gets. She’s the one who’s staying. Number five is the most determined of the bunch. The youngest, he’s always been the bravest. He’s very assertive, and the most vociferous at asking to be fed or let out, he’s also always the first out of the cage. It’s tempting to keep him too … but I have to limit myself.

Maybe there will be an unrelated baby that I’ll hand feed in the future and keep to put with number four. Can’t keep calling her with a number, besides she was actually number 3 in the clutch…but, her band says #4. Since we sold Fuchsia from the last clutch, maybe I’ll use that name for number four. From now on this baby will be Fuchsia (a plant with pink or rose-colored flowers).

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