Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kids & Birds

I couldn't resist posting these darling photos from the internet. I wish I could say Katie, in the photo, is my granddaughter. She isn't – although I wouldn't hesitate to adopt her as one.

Where do her parents find the time to feed all these baby birds? It must be their full-time job! That said, I envy them and wish them well.

If you are interested, here's where I found her photos: http://www.southwestparrots.co.uk/index.html

We expect to have two of our five granddaughters visit this summer and I'll post pictures of them with tame Rosy Bourkes when they visit ... although there are other photos on this site of them with our birds. The other three girls are too young to travel on their own yet, and live far from us, sigh. Our grandson is also far away and when he'll visit again is as yet undetermined. He's in a photo holding a "bowl full of budgies."

How wonderful it must have been for my ancestors who had all their family nearby. I wish it was that way for us.

A non-birding friend of ours looked at the first photo and didn't realize that all the birds shown are youngsters. He thought the blue and gold macaws were the parents of the green Hahn's. It surprised me that anyone wouldn't recognize a "baby" bird when they see it. I guess growing up with them, I take a lot for granted.

I got up early this morning to hand feed three baby Bourkes and let my tame birds out to fly around. They were so cute investigating the babies. I wished my husband was out of bed to take pictures. Tomorrow he will be! ;-) So, I'll have some pictures to post of them – hopefully cute ones. 

An interesting book about Macaws. Perhaps you can find other copies besides those at Amazon if you're interested. A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds (Guide to...) A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds (Guide to...)

Peace & Blessings.

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