Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Recommended Site:

The most recent blog at site centered below isn't about birds, but it is fascinating reading about spices in the ancient world.

If you search that site, you'll find more photos and information on birds in ancient Israel, particularly the keeping of dove cotes like the one at left. They were often in caves and could be enormous. Amazing to me.

It's listed as "Aviculture in Ancient Israel." To find it, click on the link below, and when open, scroll to the "Categories" Section on the right column. Choose "Ancient Israel" and scroll down until you find it. There is fascinating information throughout the site. Read as much or as little as you like. The info. on Roman glassware particularly intrigued me. What vessels did they use to feed their pigeons and doves, I wonder?

This is for the current entry: "Put a little spice in your life! Check out this new series on Foods of the First Century. Part One deals with the spices mentioned in the Bible."


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