Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy selling & shipping on ebay.

Haven't posted because we've been listing, selling & shipping items sold on ebay; time consuming! Not sure it's worth the trouble, but did it anyway. We sold a bunch last week and have more items for auction this week. My husband and I are seller:  45egl  (the last is the letter l, not the number).

Here are photos of our most recent baby. He is his mother's first offspring, is alone, and ready to leave the nest box.
We also have swallows in bird houses outside and I love hearing their babies cheeping. Two pairs have nests right outside our back porch window. I tried to get a photo of her coming or going, but they are so fast! The best I could get was her tail as she dove into the box.

We have several varieties of hummingbirds that migrate up from Mexico and nest near us. The Anna's hummingbirds stay all year round in Oregon (they don't migrate), so they can become quite tame.

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