Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Update, Visiting Horses and Grandchildren

It's been a busy week. Woke up one morning to seven horses grazing around our house. I called the owner who showed up about an hour later, after he'd repaired the damaged fence that let them escape.

They were very friendly horses, but did leave too many droppings, munched or trampled decorative plants, tromped on sprinkler heads that my husband will have to repair (I haven't pointed them out to him yet). All in all, I'd rather they'd stayed home.

Our grandson is with us. He's fifteen. Unfortunately, the horses visited before he did. Maybe he'd have had more interest in them than in my tame Bourkes? I expected that he'd enjoy the birds...should never have expectations (especially of other people) and you won't be disappointed. Smile. So, no photos of him with the least not yet. He finds most things boring.

After the middle of the month we will have two granddaughters visiting. One of them is a bird lover like her I look forward to her fresh, young attitude. She's still only seven and interested in everything her grandparents have to offer. Give her a few years and that may change.

As soon as the swallows outside my laundry room window were fledged, the whole bunch of them disappeared. Rather abruptly. I wonder if it's because we've had one of the coldest summers I've ever experienced in Oregon. Must be that global warming they've spent so much time talking about.

In the 1970's we were being warned about an imminent ice age. Never take any of it seriously, especially since many scientists in the know have debunked the global warming claims. But, our mainstream media refuses to hear them. The liberal mainstream media has its own agenda.

Our 12-year-old granddaughter tells me that in school they are being taught to say, "global change," and not global warming any longer. Guess they don't like having egg on their faces. Anyway, I believe the swallows flew south early this year because it's cold here. Most days it doesn't make it to 70 degrees, although we've had maybe two or three very warm days on the coast all summer. Europe had a year without a summer in it's history. This feels like ours. Not that I'm complaining...I like cloudy, cool days. Easier to put on a jacket than cool down when it's really warm.

Our grandson came from Texas and said it was 106 degrees there when he left. I'm glad we're in Oregon. I wonder if it's the weather that makes him want to visit us rather than that Grandma & Grandpa are interesting and fun...? Need to get him out of the house and busy doing something, but can't today. I'm attending a retirement luncheon for a friend. Tomorrow is committed too. He seems happiest playing video games. Is every young person today addicted to video games? Sure seems like it.

Until next time...I hope I'll have news about the birds. No eggs or babies at the moment.

Peace & Blessings.

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