Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recycled Containers Serve Up Healthy Bird Treats

Plastic lids of all kinds work well for treats.
Here is an example of nutritional treats that our parakeets love. We add and remove these foods frequently, so excess plastic lids that pop in and out of cages easily make wonderful serving containers. I wash and reuse them, and always have a stash of fresh, clean lids available when needed.

Our birds’ favorite treat is cooked corn, however it’s fattening, so go easy with it. They like cooked peas, cooked or shredded carrots, cooked green beans, cooked mixed vegetables, fresh broccoli, fresh spinach, fresh kale, lettuce and celery tops. Sprouted seeds are good for them too, although I’ve not been particularly successful at sprouting or collecting them … not enough patience.

We have many instant tea lids.
Many bird books indicate that all members of the parrot family appreciate fresh fruit. My Bourkes and Splendids ignore fruit. Frown. However, yours may not.

With coaxing, tame Rosie did try a bit of Honey Crisp apple. These apples are sweet and I gave her a slice of a particularly good one. She agreed to nibble it, then turned and walked away. It sat in her cage all day, ignored by her and the others with her.

Vegetables, on the other hand, make all the birds happy. The Splendids especially enjoy soaking leftovers in their water cups, requiring fresh water sooner than just once a day. But, it’s worth it to make them happy.

May your birds keep you smiling! Peace & Blessings.

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