Friday, November 26, 2010

Casual Friday with Bourkes and Hummingbirds ...

Snow on the South Coast of Oregon is unusual.  It snows in Eastern Oregon a lot, and in Eugene or Portland a few days every year, but seldom down here. The coastal climate is moderate in winter and summer.  That said, we got three inches of snow on our hilltop this week! Rare, amazing and beautiful. Must be the so-called global warming. Right. In the 1970's they were warning that another ice age was coming. Truth is, no one has a clue.

Anna's Hummingbirds don't migrate like the others we see in Spring and Summer. So, they are grateful for the several feeders we put out around the house. They're agressive, however, and one usually claims a feeder as his own and tries to chase everyone else away. Hence, a good reason for multiple feeders. These are some of ours. 

They always have a bird on or near them, guarding his treasure. But, if he flies after a trespasser, another bird will slip in for a sip before he gets back. They're fun to watch.

Can I ride along?
On a different note, Rosie is my favorite Bourke. She's a handfed hen hatched late last year. When she and the other tame birds are out of their cages, the others come and go on and off my shoulder. However, she typically stays with me wherever I go. Probably why she's my favorite...

What's this? I like the clicking it makes.

My hands don't look like they did when I was 20 to 40 years old and proud of them, but time marches on for all of us...  I'm grateful to still be here and able to enjoy being a wife, a mother, and a grandmother with a dog, two cats and over a dozen beautiful, sweet birds.
Let me make it turn!

Whooo...what's under there?

I haven't blogged as often lately because I'm trying to make time to finish a novel. Here she is trying to help! She likes the quiet clicking of the mouse wheel when it's rolled and can't figure out why she can't make it do it herself. 

Birds are all curious, playful creatures.

Hope everyone in the U.S.A. had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.
Worldwide: God Bless all of you, your loved ones and all of your wonderful pets.

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