Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bjarne's Birds: Photos of Bourkes, Splendids & Turquoisines in Color Morph's

I had six tame Rosy Bourkes and one male Splendid out for free flying today. About an hour later, all the Bourkes went back to their cages on my finger without any problem. Got no arguement from them.

The handfed Splendid, however, refused to go home. Eventually, I got out a net and caught him with it. He didn't seem to mind... He knew he was supposed to go home, and must have figured he deserved to be caught in a net. I rarely use a net, but he just would not go back in his cage.

Found this site full of fascinating color changes in both Bourkes and Splendids.

I don't think you can breed a prettier bird than a male Splendid parakeet in his natural state. However, Bjarne's photos of birds he's bred for different colors are all very interesting.  I once thought I might like to try and breed a solid black budgerigar, however, if it takes 22 aviaries like Bjarne has for his parakeets, I'm not up to it. Smile.

Hope you enjoy his photos. 

Bjarne's Birds ... Interesting Bourke & Splendid color changes


Lisa said...

Hi, would you be willing to ship one of your babies? I have been looking everywhere for a hand fed/raised Bourke's with little success. Everyone I've contacted is no longer breeding, taking a break, or does not hand feed/raise. I am in MA, just outside of Boston.

- Lisa

G. Lewis said...

Hi Lisa, Boston is a long way from Oregon and shipping in the winter seems risky. Ever thought of visiting beautiful Oregon? In 1985 I flew from Florida to Oregon with a bird in a cage under my airline seat. That worked out well, but I don't know what the rules are today. I've never shipped any of my birds, but there's always a first time. I know two breeders who have successfully shipped out of Oregon, but did so in the Spring. Contact me through email at rosie.birds@gmail.com with your email address. Thanks!

G. Lewis said...

Lisa, One more comment. Most young Bourkes are easy to tame. If you can't find a hand fed baby, you might consider a youngster if you can find one of those. With enough handling and "sweet" talk, Bourkes typically tame down easily. Best of luck.