Thursday, April 14, 2011

Portrait of Rosebud, female Rosy Bourke Parakeet

Rosebud, Rosy Bourke hen hatched Spring of 2010.
We've decided to let one of our very tame young hens fly the to speak.

Rosebud hatched last year and was handfed with her sister, Fuchsia. Our handsome Flame, also hatched last year, has singled out Fuchsia for his mate, and Rosebud doesn't really have a bird assigned to become her mate--although she is trying to steal Pretty Boy away from gentle Rosie.

In preparation for sweet Rosebud's departure sometime in the near future, here are recent photos taken of her.

We are waiting a few more weeks to replace our nest boxes and let our flock begin raising young again. They are eager, however, and so are we ... absolutely love the excitement of new baby birds.

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