Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flame and Fuchsia, parents of Five!

Fuchsia with her five babies. Dark pink on right is newly hatched & still wet.
Egg shells are from this last one that hatched today. It has pink eyes.
This morning Fuchsia's fifth egg hatched. Unlike its siblings, this tiny baby has pink eyes. Yet, the stomach appears dark ... not a good sign. Based on information sent to me when Cherry's pink-eyed baby didn't survive, there may be something wrong with this one's internal organs. I hope not, but am preparing myself for disappointment.

Sorry this is blurry. It does show size of baby.
Head is near my ring and turned, showing a
pink eyelid that indicates pink eyes below.
Fuchsia and Flame, both handfed, are doing well with their little charges so far.  Five babies is the most any of my Bourkes have ever hatched in a single clutch. And, this is their first clutch. Both parent birds are young themselves.

Other parent Bourkes have hatched and raised as many as four youngsters, but no others have ever hatched more than four eggs. Fuchsia hatched all five of hers ... quite an accomplishment!

Rosie's pink-eyed baby and its dark-eyed sibling are still doing well. The dark-eyed baby is out of the nest, and the other will soon follow.

Wishing you and your birds all possible joy and happiness!

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