Thursday, August 11, 2011


Update: All five babies survived to become healthy, beautiful adults.

Tame birds offer so many advantages.
Especially when you want to photograph them. Smile.

Flame feeding his mate, Fuchsia. There are five babies in the nest.

Fuchsia with head out of nest box. Flame on perch.
I have one bird who requires twice daily hand feeding. All my other tame birds love to steal a bite of the Exact hand feeding formula from her whenever possible. Flame is the one most eager to do so. Since he's feeding his mate, who in turn is feeding FIVE babies, this morning I let him share in the prepared Exact. He loves it and ate all he was allowed to. 

As soon as I prompted him to go back to his cage, he called to Fuchsia. She came right to the nest box opening and he began feeding her. These photos are the result. This pair is not put off by having a camera shoved into their cage and, in spite of it, they didn't stop the feeding process.

From above. See Flame's deep, bright color ... hence his name.
I offer them a variety of foods to choose from.

Male Bourkes feed their hens on the nest. This allows the mothers more time with their babies, and also ensures that the food she's feeding the young is thoroughly dissolved. Most hens rarely leave the nest until their babies fledge. Once or twice a day they will exit the nest to deficate, and then quickly return. Older, experienced hens are more likely to spend time outside the nest, particularly when it's very warm. Young ones, however, seem afraid to leave their babies alone, even for a few moments.

Fuchsia asking what I'm doing up there.

Most recent hatchling in my hand. It's much smaller than the others,
 and needs to be watched. It may not compete well for its food.

I love small, exotic parakeets. They are adorable birds. In addition to bringing sweet birdsong to our home, ours provide much joy.

May you, too, experience happiness through all that you love and those that love you.

Peace & Blessings!


neversink7 said...

great pictures! my birds are not handfed, but gets tolerant to me just by virtue of me being there all the time, lol. Hope the pink babies make it!

FlyingCircus said...

Bourke's aren't put off by much of anything, are they? My baby (4 months) observes, and threatens when he thinks it's necessary. Other than that, the calmest bird I've ever had. Your parents/babies look wonderful - best of luck with them!