Friday, September 23, 2011

Mites and an Update on Catherine's Splendid Question

Catherine's Comment on the Previous Post: 
"Since writing I'm pleased to say all three Splendids survived, even the smallest one we feared we would lose. They are all eating very well, guzzling food down like there is no tomorrow.

I have one other question. When looking the little ones over tonight I noticed these tiny insects falling off them, and when I squished them, they were bright red with blood. Are these mites or something else? And how would I get rid of them? My concern is using a spray on a chick so young.

Following the directions on "VITAFARM Avian Insect Liquidator"
rid us of mites in 2007 and we've never had them since.

The mother is also in a smaller cage, inside the house and nice and warm. She too us eating a lot better, although she still doesn't seem interested in her chicks. The vet has told us to watch her and if her wing doesn't improve, they've given us the details of an expert who lives an hour away.

You're website has been vastly helpful. I actually live in south Wales in the United Kingdom, but there's very little resources on Splendids, which is why you've been a God send. Thank you once again for everything."

My Response:
Thank you, I'm always grateful to know that my blog is helpful.

Your "bugs" sound like mites all right. They will sap a baby's strength. I discovered mites on my birds in 2007 and used the product shown here. I've never had them since. Birds in outdoor aviaries are more susceptible than those kept indoors, but it's possible to carry them inside on our clothing ... especially since many of us also maintain bird feeders outside for our wild feathered friends. It's a wise idea to always wash our hands when we come back indoors, particularly if we've been handling outdoor bird feeders and such.

The "Avian Insect Liquidator" shown here can be used on baby birds without harm, and I've done so. It is a concentrate and needs to be diluted. The best way to apply it is in a gentle mist. I made use of an eyeglass cleaner spray bottle that was empty and washed out. It gives a very fine mist and was very effective. Note that we marked the bottle "Mite Spray" so that it would never be confused with its original product. We also store it with our other bird products, away from "people" items.

We purchased this insecticide online from 
Their catalog has good advice, and I called them once and found them very helpful. They have a toll free number in the USA. Doubt it will work in another country, but it is (888) 588-3892. They are in Hemet, California and their number there is (951) 927-5349.

The address on my bottle for the product supplier is:
VITAFARM, 3 Bye Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650 AUSTRALIA. Phone (02) 6925 6222; Fax (02) 6925 6333. This information is from my bottle purchased in 2007, so I hope it is still valid. 

If the babies have mites, all the birds are likely to have them too.You definitely should get rid of these critters. Mist each and every one of your birds and as much of their cage or aviary as possible (but only after removing their food and water first).  Also spray perches and inside and outside nest boxes. My catalog from "All Bird Products" gives detailed instructions and is reassuring about using it on baby birds. It's a lot less harmful than the mites or lice.

Best of luck.

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neversink7 said...

I've used S76 for mite treatment even when there are babies in the nest and with babies, so it should be safe. Not sure what's available in England, but can get from