Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rosie Rosy Bourke and Her Baby Bourkes

Rosie is eager to escape from her brood of three and take a bath.

Rosie, happy to grab a bath.

Rosie's mate, on my husband, wants to
participate but is hesitant.
Rosie never hesitates.
A Spa moment without the kids.
"Take me away."
Cool and refreshing.

She also appreciates help with feeding her babies since her mate, Pretty Boy, isn't keeping up with the feeding ritual. He's younger than she is. A little help from us is appreciated.

Rosie steps out of her nest box. She's eating the extra
Exact Handfeeding Formula I give to hand fed baby birds.
She was hand fed and is used to it. It's easier than getting "milk"
from her mate and feeding the kids. It's ready immediately
and she stuffs her little ones with it.
Pretty Boy hasn't been totally dependable.
When I hand feed the current six, I give some to Rosie too. She, in turn, feeds it to her three who are fat little rascals.

Rosie's three babies are growing. The oldest is much
bigger than the other two. The unhatched egg was
probably between them, meaning these two are 2 and 4
days younger than their older sibling.

Happy Bird Raising with Peace & Blessings.


Jamie, Shad, Shiloh, and Fifi said...

Hi, I found a budgie/parakeet in my backyard (i think someone let it go) and it is very untame, i would love to pair it with a tame handfed budgie. He seems lonely, but I am afraid to go the petco route. do you know of any place to find a tame budgie? Thanks, hello_jamie@hotmail.com

G. A. Lewis said...

Few people handfeed young budgies. They are easy to tame while young. Check out my post on "Recognizing a Baby Budgie.


Also, enter baby budgie in the search window and you will get other posts related to identifying and taming a budgie. Good luck.