Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lutino Bourke Parakeets ... On a Happy Note.

These beautiful photos were contributed by Jill Warnick.
Thank you, Jill.

The parents of this clutch of four babies are a Rosy Bourke hen and a lovely Lutino father who looks like three of these...

Because color is sex-linked in Bourke parakeets, I'd guess the normal coloration will be a male through the hen and the lutino's will be females from their father. However, admittedly I've never raised lutino's and haven't investigated their genetics.

With a mixed pair of one rosy and one normal, it has always held true that hens looked like their father and cocks looked like their mother.

An exception to this was a normal pair I owned who threw rosy hens. This was because the normal male's father was a rosy, making him a split (half & half), or heterozygous for color. I'm an amateur at bird genetics, but am fascinated by it. Smile.

Have you seen the completely red African Gray parrot? He's amazing.  Here is a link to my post on it.

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Dustin said...

Hello it's me again! It's very interesting to read these genetic related posts, especially since I can link it back to my Leopard Gecko keeping as colour morphs and genetics are huge there. Most stuff in relation to any animals genetics are always interesting to me, especially when they are colourful species like Bourkes Parakeets or Leopard Geckos. The variation produced over time is absolutely outstanding.

Now I mentioned us looking at adopting a rehome Bourke, and I actually went to the rescue today to get the meet the bird! It's a beautiful little girl, with colours that seem very much like a Rosy Bourke. She seems very timid with humans, although she does know "step-up", but it's apperent that she is afraid, or very cautious.

Do you think that it will be possible to work with a bird (apperently she's just under a year, they think) that's this timid? Maybe being in a less crowded area with only 3 people will help her come out of her shell? She seemed to like me and flew from the rescuer to me right away, it was quite amazing!

Sorry for the questions like this, but as far as taming animals go, the Defensiveness from an untamed reptile is much different than that from a bird. I almost find it easier dealing with a snake lunging at me or a lizard snapping at me during the taming process than a timid animal! Haha.

Thank you so much!

G. A. Lewis said...

If she is already willing to get on a finger, and actually flew to you ... well, given regular attention she should make a very lovely, tame pet.

I hope your snakes and lizards are small and/or confined. Please don't let her become a snack for one of them. :-(

I've written about my birds with cats and dogs, but they are easily trained compared to reptiles. My dad used to bring home small snakes when I was a child, and I remember becoming hysterical when one ate a tiny green frog a neighbor gave me. I'm sure Dad expected that to happen, but as a child I didn't... Please keep your Rosy Bourke safe.

Not sure where you are, but I'd have been happy to adopt her too. ;-)

Dustin said...

Don't worry, due to saftey respects with every animal in the house (not due to the reptiles size, it's more keeping the reptiles safe) they are in a special room all on there own. I don't want people who are afraid of them to have to see them all the time, I'll take people through if they want, but I just prefer that they be segragated for health concerns. Plus it's easier to control tempurature that way. I have nothing nearly quick enough to take out a bird though right now. They will be one hundred percemt seperated though!

As you mentioned, it's much easier to teach cats and dogs right from wrong than it is a reptile. I have 100% trust that non of them will bite at me anymore (well... Aside from the rainbow boa), however there is no situation where I would allow them to be around another small animal. That would be incredibly unsafe on my part.

It probably wouldn't look too good on me either, considering I'm currently working my way through Veterinary school! ;)

I'm in British Columbia Canada on Vancouver Island by the way. I drove through Oregon on my way to San Diago a few summers ago. It was both beautiful and very similar to here!