Thursday, February 16, 2012


I received a series of photos of this albino hummingbird
via email. It sparked the idea of doing this blog on white birds.
I've recently raised many white-faced, pink-eyed Opaline Fallow Rosy Bourkes, and white birds are of special interest to me.

My investigation of Pink and/or Red Birds HERE brings so many people to this site that searching out white birds seemed like a good idea. 

Hopefully, you'll find these photos fascinating too.

Many photos of this bird are being passed around in email.

Many of these photos came from Google Images. If any are yours and you wish credit, or to have them removed, please let me know by writing to me at: As far as I could ascertain they appear to be open domain.

Thank you.

Albino Blackbird
Albino Robin
Not unusual, but beautiful, an albino Peacock.
All white Cockatiel.
I've never seen an albino Crow before.
Very interesting.
An albino and a normal Frogmouth.
A rare white hawk. Not certain of the
Common House Wren in an unusual color.
White Indian Ringnecks.
White Kiwi, not its normal coloration.
Another Australian bird. An unusual white Kookaburra.
Mockingbirds aren't typically white. This one is lovely.
A white Ostrich.
An albino Penguin.
A rare white Screech Owl.
We have lots of Swallows visit us, but I've never seen
a white bird like this one. Would like to.
We get lots of Towhees at our place.
Have to admit that I like their native colors
better than this one in white.
Is a white Vulture any less ominous?
They are supposed to be very
intelligent birds, however.

I hope you enjoyed this composite study of many of white and/or albino birds. Peace & Blessings.

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