Monday, May 14, 2012

Finch Bath Time

Bath time. One in bowl at left, one at water cup at right.

Two of the five baby Lady Gouldian finches tried to bathe in the water cup and one, in fact, jumped right into it. I'd worried they might drown if they fell into a deep water cup, but he had no difficulty flapping around to his heart's content before hopping back out safe and sound. As usual, I worried needlessly.

There were three babies splashing in here, but I wasn't fast
enough with the camera. Dad stands by watching.

To make it easier for the other youngsters, I added a bowl of water. Many of my extra dishes are finds from Goodwill, as was this old Melmac brown bowl. 

As you can tell from the photos I've given the babies lots of choices to eat. They always have finch seed, parakeet seed, nestling food, egg food, spray millet and occasionally fresh assorted vegetables.

Babies are beginning to eat a little bit on their own.
Still begging from their parents, however.

Bourkes and Splendids like to bathe too, but I think these finches are even more eager to bathe and do it with extreme gusto! They are so cute to watch. We're really enjoying them.

Tomorrow Bourke nest boxes go up.

Could not resist adding a photo of my Mother's Day gift.
Along with the nearby feeder, Fuchsia Basket with
three varieties of flowers welcomes hummingbirds.

Peace & Blessings.

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