Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gouldian Finches Leaving the Nest

Mom at left, baby in center, Dad at right.

This blog is primarily about Bourke and Splendid Parakeets, yet lately I've posted mainly about my new pair of Lady Gouldian finches and their offspring. I promise to return to the Grass 'Keets when they begin reproducing. Right now, however, it's the Lady Gouldians that have captured my interest.

First baby out of the nest is in center. A second youngster
has his head out of the box thinking about coming out.

At three weeks and four days of age, they are beginning to emerge from the nest box. It surprised me to learn that Gouldian eggs all hatch on the same day. That's not how it is with parakeets. Typically, Bourkes lay their eggs and hatch them every other day and Splendids one a day. There can be exceptions to this, of course, but that's what is usual.

A close-up of the family. Baby at right and another halfway out
of the nest box. When all five youngsters finally fly out,
there will be seven birds in this cage.

Since all the Gouldians hatched on Saturday, April 14, they are 25 days old today and the first left the box this morning. The other four won't be far behind. The parents have been trying to coax them out of the nest since Monday.

The parent Gouldians have never used their swing and I considered
 removing it. Glad I didn't as this young Gouldian finch seems to
really like it. When the others emerge from their nest box,
 all extra perches, including the swing, will be helpful.

They are no longer ugly ducklings, now they're cute chicks. Smile.

Peace and Blessings.

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Margana said...

Aren't little finches fun to watch?!

Years ago I had four Society Finches who scrunched onto a single swing every night. It was incredibly cute and their cue that they were ready for sleep. During the day only one or two would occupy the swing probably attributable to the flock hierarchy as it was the highest perch in the cage. The boss hen was most often the sole swinger.