Saturday, June 2, 2012

Found Petamine Breeding Formula

My husband and I both remember buying this for our budgies when we were children. He grew up in Ohio and I grew up in California. It's sad to see it change hands several times and no longer be available over the counter in pet stores and supermarkets as it was for decades.

If you've missed Petamine Breeding Formula which seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth, the Scott Company sold it to a seed company.
Slightly worn labels on the Petamine
received recently.

Back labels are "scuffed" too. Contents are sealed.

I made several attempts to contact the new owners of this product. The email address in their website bounced because the "box was full." So, I waited a week and resent it. It was still "too full."  So, I called the 800 number and spoke to a pleasant young woman. She couldn't answer my questions, but said she'd have "Shane" call me back. I left my number and, over a week later, no one has called back.

While on the phone with the young woman I went ahead and placed an order for Petamine Breeding Formula. She said they have cases of 1.5 lb packages that the Scott Company sold them. When those are gone, she said they will only produce 20 lb bags of the Breeding Formula.
Shown here with the old 2 lb package that sadly hasn't
been available for quite a while. A better value at the time.
I transfer small container contents into the bigger package
because I can scoop out of it. It's easier to use and preferable.
It seemed like a wise idea to purchase two 1.5 lb packages, enough to last a breeding season (or two) for 14 small breeding birds. They charged me $15.47 for a 1½  pound package. When it arrived I expected to receive a catalog, as advertised on their website. There wasn't any catalog in the package. I was not charged shipping from California to Oregon, but there was a $1.00 handling fee. Total cost for three pounds of Petamine Breeding Formula to me was $31.94.

If over $10 a pound is worth the price to you, Petamine Breeding Formula is available. It came via UPS, albeit, looking a bit worse for wear. Purchased from:

Volkman Seed Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 245
Ceres, Ca. 95307
Phone# 1-800-635-9359
Fax# 1-209-634-8525
E-mail address: 
(Good luck with their email. Maybe you'll be luckier than I was and they will receive and answer it. My two attempts bounced because their mailbox was full).

(Note added on 6/8/12: "Shayne did finally phone back and verified that all the products that will go into the Petamine they produce will be from the USA...none from foreign vendors. After the death of so many American pets from China's sale to us of melamine that tests like protein and went into cat food, I tend to only trust products grown and processed in the USA, or possibly Canada).
Peace and Blessings.


Mary Roberts said...

Thanks so much for your information on Petamine. I am a canary breeder (50 years now), and have used it for every one of those years. I cannot understand how Scott's could discontinue production of this product! It is widely used be so many bird breeders, and has been for so many years.
Mary Roberts, Templeton, IowangeRerc

G. A. Lewis said...

Received this comment, but didn't want to include their personal information, so reposting it: "Thank you for posting name & info for Volkman Seed. I have placed my order for Petamine Breeding Formula, 1.5 for $13 and free shipping. Yesterday, we bought a male & female, one year olds, Rosy Bourke. Just beautiful. We have their nest box up and light on. I am interested in buying the pink rosys from you after I see what mine are. Will stay in touch, I was so fortunate to find your blog. Appreciatively..."

Calvin Rhodes said...

Is petamine safe for every day use for parakeets?

Gail (aka Rosie Bird) said...

Calvin, I wouldn't use it as the ONLY food. But, as a supplement, it's fine. Most people give a small amount each day.