Monday, June 18, 2012


Cherry and Rhett have the first baby Rosy Bourke Parakeet for 2012. All these photos were taken at noon today, June 18, 2012. Cherry and Rhett are seniors, over ten years old. Very experienced, good parents who came together after their first mates died. (Rhett's first mate was Scarlett and Cherry's was Bing, who sang all the time).

Cherry with baby snuggled under her head.
Egg shell in lower left. Baby is already dry with
white fluff. Probably hatched early this morning.

Wider view of Cherry in her box with egg shell and baby.
Old food stains on box walls. She is meticulous about not
pooping in her nest box, and keeps it very clean.

Close-up of Cherry with her first hatchling of the year.
She's not hand tamed, but used to being peeked in at.

This is our hand fed Fuchsia whose eggs should begin hatching
within the next couple of days. She isn't as meticulous as
 Cherry or Rosie about keeping her nest box clean.
It will need a bit of cleaning after all eggs hatch.

My favorite hen, Rosie. Hand fed and sweet as can be,
she keeps a meticulously clean nest box even though she
seldom leaves it. She's a dedicated and loving mother and pet bird.

Peace & Blessings! May all your eggs (and dreams) be fertile and hatch perfectly.

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